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August 14th 2020

AGM 2020/21 & COVID Ongoing

Good Afternoon All, On Sunday 9th August Captains & The current committee met in Collett Park to hold the 2020-21 AGM. Captains now have the minutes, but the key points are below:-

1. No resumption of any games till further notice, likely to be earliest 2021 but will be reviewed by Committee as and when Wells League restarts.
2. 2020-21 – Due to the above it is deemed not possible to play the 2020-21 Season and so its unlikely this will actually happen.
3. The Current 2019-20 Season that wasn’t finalised should we be able to restart will have the following played: -
All Remaining Muckspreaders Games
All Remaining Loose Ends Games
Possibly Wanderers Remaining games dependant on result vs Muckspreaders
Knockout & Nomination Final
The above will allow the 2019-20 Season to be concluded with matters that are outstanding. None of the Singles/Pairs will be played as these didn’t actually start.

March 16th 2020


Good Afternoon All, Just to advise that as of today Friday 13th March, due to the ongoing COVID19 and concerns surrounding it the committee have conferred and a decision agreed that ALL games from this moment till April 13th are postponed.
We appreciate that while the outbreak is still at early stages, it is very likely GOV advice will change quickly on the "public" meeting places and rather than leave to individual teams to make their own decisions and allay any confusion the league will make the decision now to suspend for one month at this time.
The league will review this in a months time and should it continue will make a decision on the status of the 2019-2020 season and whether to continue/finish it at that time.
Please also note the meeting for 29th March is also cancelled. I will tally all fees and we'll regroup as we said in one month.
Could ALL captains please acknowledge this via email or text to me. In addition please advise your Alley's so that they are aware aswell as the Sticker-Ups.
Lets hope it all blows over soon and we can get back to normality.

Table and results are fully updated to the current suspension of the League

February 13th 2020

Week 15 Results Up

Morning All, Week 15 results have today been posted

February 3rd 2020

Full Results Catch up + Nomination

Morning All, Week 12,13 & 14 results are up and online. Apologies once again I've been out in Africa with work and very poor internet.

Nomination cup update has also been uploaded after the results the other week.

January 15th 2020

Week 11 Results

Morning All, Week 11 results are up and online.

Decemeber 2nd 2019

Week 10 Results

Morning All, Week 10 results are up and online.

Decemeber 2nd 2019

Week 8 & 9 Results & Full catch up

Morning All, Week 8 & 9 results are added and updated, we had a slight delay on one result last week which is why there wasnt an update

November 5th 2019

Week 7 Results & Full catch up

Morning All, Apologies I've been away again but Ash has managed to keep the table updated with the access he has. I've now updated everything else to get us back upto speed with the current season

October 14th 2019

Week 4 Results & Knockout Round 2

Morning All, Week 4 results have been uploaded and as a result of last weeks games the knockout cup draw has been updated with the new fixtures also

September 30th 2019

Week 3 Results Posted & EMail

Morning All, Week 3 results have been uploaded and all things updated. Please also review emails later today as I'll be sending the first of the "accounts" out to all.

September 23rd 2019

Week 2 Results Posted

Morning All, Week 2 results have been uploaded and all things updated

September 16th 2019

Week 1 Results Posted

Morning All, Ash has updated me and Week 1 results are now posted online

September 4th 2019

2019-2020 Update

Website update is going on in the background, please bear with me.

April 8th 2019

Final Results

Morning All, all final games have today been added and that brings us to the close of the League Season for 2018-19. Good luck to all in the Singles & Pair contests and I will of course see all around and about over the coming weeks

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